Delinquent Freight Forwarders

Who is Delinquent Freight Forwarders

Those who are not paying their bills for the job offered by them normally called delinquent freight forwarder also known as black listed freight forwarders (Delinquent Freight Forwarders ) . These kind of freight forwarders are always harmful and there is a high chance of losing money while handling their shipment with- out advance payment. 

Please refer the website & are the major website who offer bad collection & listing of delinquent  freight forwarders.

IFD is also helping freight forwarders to collect their outstanding payment and listing Bad Debt Freight Forwarders. Click here for more info.

delinquent freight forwarders

delinquent freight forwarders are listed in this session

In Freight Forwarding industry delinquent freight forwarders always harmful for genuine business. May be due to lack proper agreement, insufficient fund, bankruptcy or lack of professionalism.

Due to above many freight forwarder’s are finding difficulty in collecting payment from their agent.However it less than 1% of the total business transaction.

IFD always recommend a bilateral agency agreement duly signed by each company. A copy of agency agreement is available in our website.

We also recommend to enroll a reputed Freight Forwarders Network who offer Freight Protection Program which will drastically reduce the bad debt and increase the business confident with in agency co operation.

We recommend Freight Network Corporation which was established many years ago. Currently the network represent over 350 freight forwarders from many countries.Network offer freight liability insurance to its members which will cover risk factor while doing with the fellow partners. To apply membership freight forwarder must submit a filled application form which will be reviewed and approved by the network administrator.offers non-exclusive membership. non-exclusive network has two or more members in a territory.More members means more business and more choices.

List of Delinquent Freight Forwarders  


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